3 Step Regiment to Reverse Auto Immune Diseases & Prevent Cancer

An Easy Yet Extremely Effective Morning Regiment with Amazing Results!

Auto-Immune Disease

I have been battling Auto-Immune Disease for many years. It has really become sort of an epidemic in this country, due to the increasing level of Toxins around us in our Environment and in our Food & Water, and not to mention Radiation from our wireless tech devices, as well as (and perhaps the most harmful) Stress & Anxiety from living in our modern, fast-paced lives! Did you know that Stress & Anxiety create "Acute Stress Markers" within the Body? Essentially what this means is the Body reacts to nearly any kind of Injury or Dis-Ease/Stress from Emotion, Trauma, or Infection (Bacterial, Viral, or Fungal) in the same basic way; Inflammation.
This is important to note and for you to understand because the Solution to Relieve Auto-Immune Symptoms and their Triggers involves similar Preventative & Reactive measures and Natural Medicines.

"The food we eat is either Medicine or Poison, choose Wisely"

Now, I do not take this quote too literally for a number of reasons. However, it is something to strongly consider. What I am referring to in that response is the "Poison" part. Eating foods or drinking beverages that aren't considered "Medicinal" are also not automatically "Poison".

Why this Regiment Works

I have developed this Regiment, to be completely honest, for the sake of being able to enjoy less-healthy options without the potentially harmful effects. Moderation really is key in so many areas of life, and while I will never advise the consumption of certain foods & beverages, enjoying your favorite snack or drink once in awhile will not have a detrimental effect on you if you follow a strong and optimal daily regiment such as the following one I am going to show you.
The key is to give the body what it NEEDS to both Function & Cleanse itself first, and as mentioned, to keep the "poison"/non-medicinal items in strict moderation so they do not compromise your efforts to create a foundation for a healthy immune system and organ functionality.
It is truly Amazing how much better you feel, the energy you gain, the clarity of the mind, and even the improvement of your emotional state of being from fixing your diet.

What to Avoid

Perhaps the most important element of overcoming Auto-Immune Disease is not what you do as much as what not to do. Eliminating bad habits is the best way to make room for good habits. So first off, we need to talk about (Processed) Sugars. Humans have existed for over 250,000 years according to most conceived data. It wasn't until the last several hundred years that Processed Sugar became common. And its arguably only been around 100 years or less since our processed sugar intake has spiked to 100x what it was for presumably hundreds of thousands of years! Estimates show that the average intake of processed sugar was around 20-30 grams per day up until the last several decades, and has since grown to well over 200 grams per day in the modern times we live in now. That's 100 times more processed sugars!
In just a single soda pop or energy drink, there is upwards of 30+ grams of processed sugars! And many people drink anywhere from 3-10 per day. Add to this all of the candy, doughnuts, and other sweets and its quite alarming just how much processed sugar some are consuming. High Fructose Corn Syrup, derived from GMO corn and processed in horrid factories is usually the source of these processed sugars. But even organic sugar from sugar cane is detrimental, because as you may have read up on already, Sugar feeds Cancer Cells, it creates an Acidic Ph, and obviously disrupts your body's ability to balance blood sugars. (Cinnamon is great for helping to balance blood sugars and has reversed Type 1 Diabetes for many people)
This doesn't mean you can't enjoy a sweet treat once & awhile, but less is definitely more in this case!


The first time I did a Sugar-Fast, it was somewhat difficult. I did get the slight headaches and some irritability. I hadn't been drinking much pop and didn't like energy drinks so I think the repercussions weren't as bad for me as it would be for others. I believe in weening off addictive substances, and sugar is definitely an a addictive substance; did you know you have bacteria and yeast in your gut that communicate directly with your brain? Science has discovered there is neurological tissue in your digestive system and the cravings you have for sugar are so strong because its essentially an extension of your brain and nervous system. There is an optimum balance of what is called Candida Yeast in your gut, which should be 20% (with 80% good bacteria, gained from probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, yogurt (unsweetened), and other gut-healthy foods. Unfortunately the "American Diet" mostly consists of foods that feed the yeast and not the good bacteria, which leads to Candida Yeast Overgrowth. These foods are everything from processed sugars to Breads & Pastas, Meats, Dairy, and many Processed Foods. This is why Probiotics have become popular and essential to building up the good bacteria again.

How to Implement Sugar-Fasting & The 3 Step Regiment

As I mentioned, Sugar-Fasting can be a very unpleasant experience. Even for someone who isn't consuming large amounts of processed sugars it can cause some unwanted reactions. I remember doing a 3-day sugar fast and then eating a Carrot and it tasted dramatically sweeter than any carrot I'd ever eaten! So the upside is when you do the fast, you will have reduced your "tolerance" of sugars so much that something like a slightly sweet vegetable like a carrot will taste like candy! It will also make you more sensitive to processed or overly sweet foods and beverages to the point of making them far less enjoyable and thus you will consume less of them. So making it through a 3 day sugar-fast will have lasting positive effects.
I recommend doing the processed sugar-fast before starting the following regiment, however if you consider yourself someone who does consume a lot of processed sugars now, it is okay to begin both the sugar-fast and the regiment on the same day or perhaps a day apart, as to lessen the effects of the fast because you'd be replacing the processed sugars with fruit-derived sugars. Fruit-derived sugars are far superior because they also contain essential nutrients your body needs for optimal performance. And they are assimulated within the body as intended, and as they have been for thousands of years. The sugars from fruits and veggies are essential to many functions of the brain and nervous system, and for energy, both mental and physical. Nature is an expert at balancing nutrients, minerals, and sugars, and it is what our bodies are designed to consume. Processed sugars are simply sugar alone and far too concentrated, which is why your teeth will rot and your Ph will turn acidic if they are consumed too heavily.

So without further a due, let's get into the Regiment!

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